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A Long Quick Weekend
it looks great

Title: A Long Quick Weekend
Author: hagiologic
Characters/Pairing: Beecher/Keller
Rating: Mature
Warnings: addiction, canon character death in an alternative universe setting
Word count: 34k
Summary: Toby Beecher is at a loss, after losing everything. He managed to avoid prison time for the death of Kathy Rockwell, but at the expense of his career, his family, and his self-respect. He'd rather lose himself in a bottle than attend his ten-year Harvard Law reunion, but at his father's insistence, he goes. There he stumbles into a bartender named Chris Keller, the first person Toby's ever met whose secrets are worse than his own.
Notes & acknowledgments: This manages to be both criminally overwritten and shamefully underwritten. But it is both those things, with *love*. And while there's no denying it's been a pain in my ass at times, it's been a much bigger pain in many better, more patient asses than my own. I hope the end result even slightly makes up for that. Special thanks are due to rustler, who is actually a saint walking amongst us (for real, I've seen the certificate) and comasisters, who is an angel in cheerleader's disguise, without whose encouragement I literally would have given up about a thousand words in. I also want to thank all_the_pies, who is always there when it matters. Not just thanks but actual monetary recompense is due to the mods, who should have sued my ass for breach of contract. Thanks for not giving up on me any of the, oh, six or seven times you probably should have. Finally, most of Toby's rhymes in this story are variations on American and English nursery rhymes, though some are excerpts from the poems "The Cat (Advice to the Young)" by Harry Graham, and "Antigonish" by Hughes Mearns.

Special note: dressedindeath created art for this story, available at the link below.

Toby expected to be hauled forward when Chris took his collar in both hands, but Chris just held him close. Toby felt the heat of his own panting breath trapped in the small space between their mouths. He thought he could live with being seduced, but this was almost like being asked permission. Like being given a choice. Though he still suspected he wouldn't be able to break Chris' grip on his collar, and he didn't try it.

Read the story at the Oz Big Bang site.
Story artwork!

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I just crossed 10k on my Oz Big Bang. This really shouldn't warrant a holy fuck considering there's a 20k check in tomorrow, which means I'm still way behind where I should be.

But still! HOLY FUCK! I have written ten thousand words of Oz fic! That is the most writing of any kind I have done in years. I'm... kind of amazed by it. When I signed up I wasn't entirely sure if I could follow through on it. But I thought, eh, never know if I don't try, right? And yet I can honestly say I'm a bit surprised to have made it this far.

The best part is I'm on a roll for the first time. A LOT of this writing has felt a bit like pulling teeth, but today it's just been flowing. So while I kinda doubt I'll hit 20k by the check in, there's a good chance I could be a lot closer than I thought I would.

Yay. I'm so pleased right now. :)


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